Though my soul may set in d a r k n e s s,

it will rise in p e r f e c t

l i g h t;

I have loved the s t a r s too fondly to be

f e a r f u l of the night.

― The Old Astronomer to His Pupil

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sheridangrant asked ;  
"What's the worst that could happen?"


He thinks about the question for a while.
They were at a formal ball, and out 
of respect for the man who invited him, he 
came but will only stay for a few minutes.
But it seems that this woman was making
him stay. The worst that could happen will be 
me slashing your throat for touching me. He 
keeps his distance and gives her a smile.

            ❝ The police will arrest me for horrible dancing. ❞


"Well, that makes the two of us." Sherry laughed, remembering how earlier she got the step in a waltz wrong and her heel dug into the foot of her partner. She was horrible at dances that called for timed steps or choreography; Sheridan danced better freestyle, where only she had control over what moves her body would make. As if anyone needed proof enough, when she was in the fifth grade her mother enrolled her and Jessica in river dancing lessons and needless to say, most of her classmates ended up with a black eye because she kicked too high. "Well, seeing as we’re kind of in the same predicament it would be quite weird if I arrested you and myself, wouldn’t it?" she asked, before extending a hand out to him. “‘M Sheridan Grant, pleased to meet you.”




SONG INSPIRED PLOTS FROM ARIANA'S NEW ALBUM 'MY EVERYTHING!! ( part 2, you can find part 1 here ! )

  • l o v e  m e  h a r d e r —— muse a and muse b have a one night stand. the next morning it’s awkward but they go out for breakfast together and talk about themselves. with time they become friends, and there’s obviously the occasional hook up. both of them have many problems and issues and they realize that when they’re together things are slightly better. muse a wants to be with muse b but doesn’t think they love her enough so muse b is determined to prove that s/he does.
    ❝ if you want to keep me, you gotta love me harder ❞
  • j u s t  a  l i t t l e  b i t  o f  y o u r  h e a r t —— it’s a complicated relationship. muse b is constantly lying and cheating on muse a, but muse a acts as if s/he doesn’t mind. s/he doesn’t asks where muse b has been when s/he comes home late and doesn’t try to find out either. muse a feels like a fool for muse b, for loving them so much despite all the lies. muse a doesn’t tell muse b how s/he feels, but s/he only wants a little bit of their heart and will stay with muse b as long as she has it, not wanting to lose them and be alone.
    ❝ i heard a little love, is better than none ❞
  • h a n d s  o n  m e —— muse a and muse b meet in a club. they are immediately infatuated by each other. they dance; it’s hot and sweaty none of them seem to mind. there’s dirty whispers and hands everywhere as they dance together for the rest of the night, teasing and having fun. they go home together, intoxicated and eager. muse a might seem a fragile little thing but she guarantees she can’t take anything and the last thing s/he wants is for muse b togo easy on her/him. 
    ❝ eyes on me, dance on me, tonight you’re all i need ❞
  • m y  e v e r y t h i n g —— muse a and muse b broke up. even though muse a was the one that ended it, s/he’s the one that misses being with the other the much. muse a cries and cries, the pain too much for them to bare. when s/he can’t take it anymore, muse a decides to push her pride away, apologize and try to get muse b back.
    ❝ so it’s time i push my pride away, ‘cause you are my everything ❞
  • o n l y  1 —— their relationship is perfect, too perfect, actually. it’s a fairytale. muse a feels like s/he’s in the clouds with muse b but after a while s/he gets suspicious, doubting anything could ever be so perfect. muse a suspects s/he’s not muse b's only one and starts going through his phone and paying more attention. but is it all just in muse a's head or is muse b not as perfect as s/he appears?
    ❝ your love is three times better, how could anyone forget ❞
  • y o u  d o n ’ t  k n o w  m e —— muse a is famous, always in the center of attention. everyone wants to believe s/he’s perfect. getting tired of all the fame and attention, of people trying to tell her/him what to do and who to be, she tries to be on the low instead of the spotlight but that never works. when muse a meets muse b, a fan (or not) and they become friends and eventually something more, muse b seems to be one of the people that thinks muse a is perfect but muse a argues s/he doesn’t truly know her/him yet.
    ❝ think you know me, but there’s more to see, my love ❞

this is part 2, all the plots can be m/f, f/f or m/m! 

hope you enjoy thissss, like if you did please!

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Because nobody deserves to feel alone.


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The reason why Sherry keeps her hair short is because back in her senior year of college, just a day before she was going to attend an event with Gia, her cousin, while practising curling Sherry’s hair accidentally burned it, and the only solution was to have it chopped off into a pixie cut. As much as Sherry thought she would hate it, she found that it actually flattered her face, and it also made it easier for her to maintain.



A knock startled him as he was cooking
his lunch       the male went to open the
door,       brows ceasing upwards as he
gaze at his guest. 

"What brings you here?"

"Just visitin’." the redhead spoke, smiling at him as she leaned on the doorframe, her hands in the pockets of her jacket. "You don’t mind me bein’ here, though? ‘Cause I can come back if you’re busy."

                                                   you’re        everything.
                                                       everything to me.

              you’re my family   ( my whole family.  my whole  l i f e.  my whole self.
                                           you        always        have        been. )

                       « IT’S LIKE THERE’S A CORD BETWEEN OUR HEARTS. »

                                                         it’s you and me.
                                              it’s always been you and me.
                                            WE BELONG TO EACH OTHER.

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