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I want him in my bed next to me, on top of me, beneath me.

I want his arms wrapped around me, touching me, making contact with me.

I want his lips pressed against my lips, my neck, my wrists.

I want his warmth around me, surrounding me, filling me.

I want his love, passion, lust.

I want him.

Mun & Muse: A Comparison by Me


♕ M U N  |  I N F O R M A T I O N ♕

Name: Marinette Zarah C. Unson
Nicknames: Marah, Spud, Loki by my baby cousin
Wishlist Nickname: —
Height: 5ftt give or take i’m probs 4ft11in tho
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: brown now but it used to be black
Ethnicity: Spanish/English on my father’s side, Filipino/Danish on my mother’s I am a mutt
Lives in: The Philippines
Relationship Status: Secretly married to Michael Lomenda
Character(s) Most Identifies with: HAHAHAHAHA JESS DAY she is my spirit animal
Hobbies: Writing, singing, dancing in the shower
Special talent(s): I’m really good at impersonating people and voices 8D
Warning/disclaimer: I’m hyper all the time even without sugar but if you feed me chocolate or give me iced tea I will probably go on for hours and pass out afterwards. Also I cry when I have too much drink. Mostly because of Paul Newman, or Frank Sinatra, or Tom Hiddleston or Michael Lomenda.
Struggling With: Trying to tolerate stupidity in the workplace s2g my co-worker is I s2g I can’t even believe that he doesn’t know you can email from YAHOO TO GOOGLE AND VICE VERSA how did he get a job.

M U S E  |  I N F O R M A T I O N 

Name: Sheridan Elizabeth F. Grant
Nicknames: Sherry, Liz
Wishlist Nickname: -
Birthday: May 12, 1986
Height: 5ft7in
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Blonde
Ethnicity: Irish American
Lives in: Arlington, Virginia, USA
Relationship Status: Divorced
Classification: Human || FBI Agent
Special talent(s): Photographic memory
Struggling With: Her next lesson plan.

In conclusion: Same tbh lmao |  Almost | Ehh...
Not Really | Nope | In a Galaxy Far Far Away |


                             my only love
                         sprung from my only hate

sheridangrant: "I'm this close to leaving but if I do, I know I'll just come back again."





Frank stood there with his arms folded across his chest, trying not to comprehend the circumstances between them of their most current argument: "Why can’t’cha jus’ shut the hell up for goddamn once Sherry?  I wish you’d goddamn leave ‘n didn’t come back." He grunted. "All y’do is flair m’fuckin’ temper."



"Ew, cooties." she made a face before she laughed, her nose wrinkling slightly. Then she felt his lips on hers again, tender this time. It felt so different every time, and she loved that it made her feel like he’s keeping her on her toes for him.

Did she miss kissing like this? Of course. Sheridan missed the feeling of being held, not handled, kissed as if her lips were the only ones worth kissing. After Ian, she never thought she would find it again, but she did. Frank made her knees buckle and her heart flutter. She was still unsure if she was actually in love with him, or if she was heading towards it, but if she was, then—she would have to face the fact that she was going against her principles as as agent. Right now she didn’t want to think about it, and instead enjoyed the feeling of being close to the man she thought she would hate forever.

"Yessir—" she spoke, before catching herself and nodding, letting their lips meet again, and with a playful giggle she nipped on his bottom lip, hoping as well that it wouldn’t turn him off.

He hates it. She knows everything about him, she knwos his little habits as much as he knows hers. It is ridiculous and absurd but he does not protest against it for the meanwhile but instead enfolds her in a tight embrace in which he nears her closer to him, keeping them together as one as he kisses her forehead affectionately with so much adoration that he wishes to kiss her all over and yet, at the same time, feels if he does it would be completely absurd. Could it ruin things for them? He doesn’t know. Yet they are too alike and too attached already, more than they know that he can’t completely comprehend it at all.

When she bit his lip, he grinned, and seemed to tug on her lower lip a little, furthering the kiss to be deeper than their previous moment. Indeed this was one way to stop them from arguing and for her to shut the hell up. Which was always beneficial. "We oughta do this instead’a arguin’." Frank decided, as his lips fell onto her neck, trailing soft kisses along her elegant neck that he peppered in tender kisses as he embraced her, keeping her near - forgetting about anything else they had planned or intended to do. It was all irrelevant now.

When he kissed her neck it’s like everything became a blur; she loved it when she was kissed there, either tenderly or with little bites that left small marks on the pale and smooth column of her neck.

Her hands dove into his hair, fingers tangling with the short locks as she tried to keep herself as close as possible to him, as if she wasn’t close enough. Sometimes it baffled her how with just one touch from the right person she was far from the closed book Sherry she was outside. Intimately, she was so different and far from the innocent face she had.

"Well then, if arguin’s gonna get ya to kiss me, I think I’d ask to argue with you all the time." she told him, her leg rubbing gently against his.